So why as webmasters do we care about what search engines have the highest conversion ratio? Well of course silly because its one of the most commonly used forms of advertising for businesses online and as webmasters we may want to consider what sources of advertising presents the greatest likelihood of sales for our business.

So again we ask ourselves how, How do we increase our conversion ratios? Is it content? Add more content? Yes that would be one method add content and tons of it. Make sure it’s specific and targeted and filled with corresponding keyword descriptions. But wait you say. I’ve been doing that for over a year now and still have not yet been indexed or ranked to a level I desire, in fact I’ve actually been penalized by some search engines, so what do I do? Well many webmaster’s have undergone the same so do not be alarmed you do have siblings but the problem may be you have TOO much content. Wait didn’t you just say adding tons of content is good. Sure but hey too much of anything is not good for me, you and definitely not the search engines whose algorithms constantly change to uphold the integrity of their “relevance.’

Many webmasters have struggled in the content area and have seen their ranking lowered. As a result of what? Well many speculate possibly because of sign-ups or pop-ups on their home page. Rosalind Gardner one of North America’s best online professionals, just released a press stating that Opt-in forms on your homepage should not cause you to be penalized. So what. Who cares man. How do I convert more people? Ok.

1. Keep your content short and persuading.
2. Add recognized affiliate media such as AOL ads.
3. Offer product guarantees or first time buyer discounts
4. Indicate the possible losses of not taking the opportunity such as higher price
5. Present their need and their loss if that need is not met.
6. Finally be memorable: Visitors should remember your site after they leave. They should eat, sleep and defecate your business.
Great now what. Webmaster’s must remember who their audience is and be sensitive to their needs and time. As the writer of the article above wrote about his reasoning of the difference in conversion ratios for search engines .. ..

“One way to explain the difference in conversion rates is demographics,” said Ali Behnam, senior digital marketing consultant for WebSideStory. “With portals rich in content and services, AOL, MSN and Yahoo may tend to appeal toward a more buyer friendly demographic. Google, meanwhile, may appeal to more browsers – those with less of an intent to buy.” {}

A classic example, webmasters must keep note of who in the world their targeting..

In hindsight, your business or service should keep one thing in mind in order to raise conversion ratios. As people we all share one thing. Our inherently devilous desire to get something for nothing. If you as a webmaster can “under-promise but Over-Deliver,” then your customers desires are satisfiable and your product can sell itself. Hey it may become addictive to the point of where they can’t get enough of it. Then your conversion ratios may increase and your sales may skyrocket. Hey if they do, please send me an email so I can come into business with you and stop writing these articles.
Stay tuned for more it’s early.. .

I’ve used adwords plenty of times and I’ve found that if you rearrange some of the words like move the last sentence to the top or move some of the words or even copy what other advertisers are doing your CTR increases…

Internet marketing continues to drive in millions of online dollars and revenue. Keyword usage such as Google Adwords still seems to remain the target choice for advertisers. How effective is Google adwords and what tips have you learned that can enhance Adword Clickthrough rates!